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Tour Guide App
| React Native

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Tour Guide App’ is a comprehensive cross-platform App developed as a final year project. Its aim is to provide tourists with a feature-rich, easy-to-use guide for exploring Manchester. 

Built using a cutting-edge tech stack including React Native, Expo, Tailwind CSS, and APIs such as Rapid API linked with Google Places API package, the app delivers advanced location-based services.


The development process involved setting up the environment, organizing the project structure, and implementing key features such as geolocation, directional services, and robust integration with external APIs.




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Mobile App


Tour Guide


A rigorous testing phase was conducted using Expo Go, ensuring the application’s compatibility across a wide range of platforms and devices. Feedback collected from user questionnaires indicated a high degree of satisfaction concerning the app’s simplicity, integrated functionalities, and the overall user experience.

Overall, the ‘Tour Guide App’ is a testament to the power of combining React Native, Expo, Tailwind CSS, and APIs to create a sophisticated, user-friendly mobile application. This project contributes to the enhancement of mobile technology within the tourism industry, offering users a richer, more immersive exploration experience.